For a big man there is a big pill

The most common and cheapest Cialis 5mg is nothing to its much stronger opponent on the free market – Cialis 20mg. You don’t have to be a NASA scientist to know that these pills contain 15mg more than the smaller pill and therefore are drastically more effective than their smaller counterparts. There is literally no bigger threat to the health of a man, but the duration is prolonged twice as the normal duration of a 5mg pill making it up to 36 hours long! That makes for some weekend fun and all. The price is also higher because of its monstrous effect. You don’t have to worry though because there is literally nothing more effective than that, except the 30mg pills or 40mg pills.

The amount puts restrictions on the age though

These pills are not recommended for men older than 60 years of age since they are just too much for them. These men should rather be considering buying the smaller doses, like 5mg or 10mg AT best for the optimal results otherwise they are risking serious health complications concerning heart and blood pressure.